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About Women in Kind: A Women-Friendly Coworking Space




Work places often reward an unfettered commitment to work many women—and increasingly men—are unable to provide. Coupled with social expectations of women and the reality of the roles they play in the family, these work places, grounded in standard practices we’ve never really pushed back on or re-examined, place the burden on families, and women in particular, to “figure it out.”

Women in Kind flips this premise on its head. We don’t ask women to “figure it out.” Instead, we work to identify, to anticipate what women need to be successful at work and integrate those things into the workplace. That means thinking about how to make women’s lives easier, to remove challenges and obstacles in their path to professional success.

Women in Kind focuses on women, their needs in business and in the business of life. In both of these areas, women’s needs are specific. Check out our amenities and services. And come work with us. 


 Virginia left, Melanie right

Virginia left, Melanie right

Virginia Santy 


Virginia Santy, Ph.D., is founder and CEO of Executive Suite Communication, a strategic communication firm representing a range of clients—including Fortune500 Companies, government organizations, startups, and national thought leaders—in fulfilling objectives via purposeful, effective communication. She received her doctorate in strategic communication and women’s studies from UC-Boulder and has ten years of experience in strategic communication advising around an array of social issues and business challenges. A former professor of communication and women’s studies, her research on women, leadership, and work is published in a range of academic and professional outlets. Her examination of women in power and leadership roles earned her the National Women’s Scholar of the Year Award from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication. As a founder and CEO, Virginia has led Executive Suite Communication through four years of exponential growth, both in revenue and personnel. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Broadview Denver, an online publication and resource for the women of Denver dedicated to helping women to see themselves as a force for change and positive action in the community.  


 Melanie left, Virginia right

Melanie left, Virginia right

Melanie Ulle


Melanie Ulle, is founder and CEO of Philanthropy Expert, LLC, a Denver-based philanthropic consulting firm.  Her clients include major corporations, family offices, a myriad of campaigns and initiatives as well as foundations and nonprofits of all sizes.  Melanie's professional work has spanned twenty years with a keen eye on organizations supporting women including the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools, female candidates for elected office, the Center for Women's Health Research, the BC4U Program, the Women's Foundation of Colorado, and many women's health initiatives and empowerment programs.  Melanie has received attention in media outlets locally, nationally and throughout the world including: the Today Show, Fox News, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal



Women in Kind is a commitment to valuing women by addressing their needs and alleviating their pain points in business and the business of life.

The services and amenities Women in Kind offers members revolve around what it means to be a working woman and how, for the first time, we can move the burden and responsibilities of being a working woman from individual women’s shoulders to a structure of support designed with women’s specific needs in mind. 

Support for Business

*Clean, safe, bright, and warm (we mean that       literally—no more freezing at your desk!) workplaces, including private desks and private offices

*Wireless you can count on

*Mailing address and P.O Box rental

*Regular networking and social opportunities (none of which involve ping pong tournaments. Ever.)

*Professional development and workshop series dedicated to your burning questions about growing your business (topic examples include: how to find rewarding mentoring relationships, startup funding, and access to capital)

*Meeting spaces available to members and available to the public for rent

*Event space available for rent to members and the public

*Free parking


Support for the Business of Life

*Features and amenities addressing pain points and challenges in the lives of working women

*On-site dedicated play spaces and quiet spaces for children (for all those times women are left scrambling for childcare coverage during school in-service days, after school hours, or weekends. Seriously, what is up with all those in-service days?!)

*Access to other resources such as meal planning and delivery services, dry cleaning delivery, and personal assistant services to alleviate pain points brought on by the second shift and the work women do at home

*Elder-care resources offering women options and support in meeting the demands of their care-taking roles later in life as they care for elderly parents

*Personal finance and wealth accumulation workshops to help promote not only access to wage equity, but wealth equity for women

Women in Kind is also dedicated to education and innovation. Through ongoing research and analysis of proposed best practices, Women in Kind will drive national conversations about supporting, recruiting, and retaining women and how to do so from a systems perspective. Be part of something big! 

Join Us


All Women in Kind membership includes access to amenities.

Women in Kind is built for you, by women just like you. We understand your needs, the challenges you face in business and in the business of life. Your success—at home, at work, in the world—is our goal. Come work with us. Be a part of our community and a movement to elevate women in the workplace.

We are located north of City Park in Denver at 3899 Jackson, three blocks from the 40th and Colorado light rail station, and two blocks from Prodigy Coffee. Oh, did we mention there is a cupcake shop one block away? 


Event Space Rental $500

Conference Room Rental $160 for two hours (free for members)


Interested in a membership? Want to reserve your private office or desk? Looking to rent event space or a conference room?

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