Women in Kind is a commitment to valuing women by addressing their needs and alleviating their pain points in business and the business of life.

The services and amenities Women in Kind offers members revolves what it means to be a working woman and how, for the first time, we can move the burden and responsibilities of being a working woman from individual women’s shoulders to a structure of support designed with women’s specific needs in mind. 


Support for Business

  • Clean, safe, bright, and warm (we mean that literally—no more freezing at your desk!) workplaces, including private desks and private offices

  • Wireless you can count on

  • Mailing address and P.O. box rental

  • Regular networking and social opportunities (none of which involve ping pong tournaments. Ever.)

  • Professional development and workshop series dedicated to your burning questions about growing your business (topic examples include: how to find rewarding mentoring relationships, startup funding, and access to capital)

  • Meeting spaces available to members and available to the public for rent

  • Event space available for rent to members and the public

  • Free parking

  • Mentorship


Support for the Business Life

Features and amenities addressing pain points and challenges in the lives of working women:

  • On-site dedicated play spaces and quiet spaces for children (for all those times women are left scrambling for childcare coverage during school in-service days, after school hours, or weekends. Seriously, what is up with all those in-service days?!)

  • Access to other resources such as meal planning and delivery services, dry cleaning delivery, and personal assistant services to alleviate pain points brought on by the second shift and the work women do at home

  • Elder-care resources offering women options and support in meeting the demands of their care-taking roles later in life as they care for elderly parents

  • Personal finance and wealth accumulation workshops to help promote not only access to wage equity, but wealth equity for women